Real Estate Over 40 Years…

The real estate business certainly has changed since I first obtained my license in 1970—and it just keeps getting BETTER!  I learned very early in my career that I was going to be working in an every-changing marketplace and I knew that I would have to be on the cutting edge while maintaining  the basics of personal service with attention to detail.  My original philosophy of doing business continues to be of primary importance:

Integrity * Hard Work * Professionalism * Cooperation

* Accountability * Knowledge

     I have watched the Multiple Listing Service change from loose leaf notebooks, to printed books, to computer print-outs on thermal paper from terminals, to a variety of graphic programs available today.  Further, access to buyers and sellers is available through the wonderful world-wide web! 

     My first “contact manager” was in the form of 3×5 cards…now I use TopProducer, Outlook, and my Blackberry!  Car phones have evolved from installed mounted phones, to ones with battery packs to wireless phones to today’s SmartPhones, now will full access to the internet and more! 

     And oh, how the computers have changed…my first was a Kaypro, on to and IBM from 80.88  to Pentium IV to my current HPDesktop with wireless keyboard and mouse with an extra 17” monitor for presentations, both at home and office and my HP Laptop!  Next stop: iPad! 

     My Marketing and Buyer Presentations have evolved from pages in a file, to a notebook, to a bound, personalized book, to CD-Roms with availability on-line soon.  

     Advertising has changed from Sunday classified ads to Full Color weekend ads and Full Color magazines.  The latest are QR codes for use with SmartPhones…watch for these on my listings, brochures, and business cards soon.

     Property photographs have changed from one black-and white digitized photo, to full color multiple photos and virtual tours.  Gone are the days of taking pictures of  a new listing and rushing to One-Hour Photo for multiple copies for brochures! 

     My listings are available on my personal website, our Metro Broker Southeast Suburban Team Office Website, and on my Homes and Land web page and on countless internet sites, from to Trulia and more! 

     All of this progress is wonderful, convenient and time-saving. However, in addition, I will always continue to implement those original values of Integrity, Hard Work, Professionalism, Cooperation, Accountability, and Knowledge along with constant communication and personalized service for each and every client. 

     If you are happily settled in your home, please feel free to call with any general real estate questions.  I would also sincerely appreciate your referrals to friends, family and business associates! Remember, if you are



OFFICE 303-930-2213 OR CELL: 720-218-0138


About victoriaknowsrealestate

Thank you for visiting my blog! I made a "Landmark" decision, starting a new era in real estate... joining Perry & Company, Realtors! I'm looking forward to bringing another level of service to my clients. #grateful #perryandco #luxuryinallpricepoints I am celebrating over 40 years in real estate! And how wonderful it has been--thanks to all of my friends, clients and business associates for the trust, confidence, and loyalty placed in me through the years. It has been delightful working with each of my clients. Compared to 40 years ago, there is incredible technology available to aid me in serving my clients. Through the years, I have stayed on the cutting edge of education and technology, and have served our industry in the areas of education and professional standards. I have learned much during my career, and I am eager to continue my service to you in real estate. Perry & Co. is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and is Metro Denver’s original member of Luxury Portfolio International®, an association of 600 global companies, renowned internationally for their relocation, marketing, and networking excellence. At Perry and Co., we believe in the concept of "Luxury in Every Price Point". I am just a phone call or email away. I pledge excellent service, knowledge, professionalism, and results for all your real estate needs!
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