What Determines the Sale of a Home?

There are 6 factors that determine the sale of a home… 

 LOCATION  Since a home cannot be moved, the pricing of the home must reflect its location.

CONDITION  How your home shows is crucial in obtaining the highest value for your home, in any given market at any given time. The pricing of your home must reflect its condition. Suggestions will be made on changes or improvements to help you obtain the best price possible.

PRICE   Price is the key factor in the sale of a home. The market is established by what a buyer will pay and by the price a seller will sell. Price must be in direct relationship to the other factors.

TERMS  It is best to offer as many terms as available on your home to reach the most buyers possible.

 THE MARKET  The interest rates, competition, comparable sales data, and the economy can influence the sale of your home.  In my opinion, there is not a GOOD MARKET, a BAD MARKET, a BUYER’S MARKET, a SELLERS MARKET… It’s THE MARKET and I make the market GOOD!

 MARKETING  Personalized, aggressive, professional and proven marketing by your Realtor is extremely important. Quality advertising, marketing, and follow-up with buyers and cooperating Realtors by your Realtor is crucial in the sale of your home.

When all of the above factors are in alignment…WE CAN HAVE A SALE!
 If one or more of them is out of line, it could take a longer time to sell your home!
If you are Thinking of Buying or Thinking of Selling,
Please Think of Victoria Gartelos

About victoriaknowsrealestate

Thank you for visiting my blog! I made a "Landmark" decision, starting a new era in real estate... joining Perry & Company, Realtors! I'm looking forward to bringing another level of service to my clients. #grateful #perryandco #luxuryinallpricepoints I am celebrating over 40 years in real estate! And how wonderful it has been--thanks to all of my friends, clients and business associates for the trust, confidence, and loyalty placed in me through the years. It has been delightful working with each of my clients. Compared to 40 years ago, there is incredible technology available to aid me in serving my clients. Through the years, I have stayed on the cutting edge of education and technology, and have served our industry in the areas of education and professional standards. I have learned much during my career, and I am eager to continue my service to you in real estate. Perry & Co. is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and is Metro Denver’s original member of Luxury Portfolio International®, an association of 600 global companies, renowned internationally for their relocation, marketing, and networking excellence. At Perry and Co., we believe in the concept of "Luxury in Every Price Point". I am just a phone call or email away. I pledge excellent service, knowledge, professionalism, and results for all your real estate needs!
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